Why I'm Writing This Blog

I started this blog a long time ago now, but have only just started writing for it relatively recently (albeit not too frequently). While this was spurred on by a bit of embarassment of just having an empty page here, there were a few other reasons for why I wanted to write more blog posts. I hope by sharing some of them I might inspire others to write more blog posts as well!

Practice, practice, practice

Firstly, one of the main reasons that I wanted to write more blog posts was simply to practice and improve my writing. Writing is one of the most important skills to build, in my opinion. It is only more important in a distributed or remote work environment where writing is the main form of communication used to keep people on the same page. This blog provides a great opportunity to encourage me to write more and edit my thoughts to improve my written communication.

Sharing my experiences

I also want to use this space to help others who might be experiencing similar things to what I have gone through in the past. I hope to build out this space as a place where I can provide guidance and tips to others. I know that I’ve benefitted a ton from reading other people’s blogs and learning from them, so I want to be sure to take the chance to give back. Everyone has unique experiences and perspectives, so we all have something worth sharing!

Clarify my thinking

I’ve heard many people mention how helpful writing is in sorting out your thoughts and really seeing if you understand something. This is definitely something that I have experienced many times as well. When I’m trying to figure out a big decision or want to make sure I really understand a new topic I’m learning, I often like to write something about it. This blog is a perfect place to do that since it gives me that little extra push to make sure the content is good enough to share.

What am I going to post about?

I don’t really have any specific content plans in mind for this blog. Mostly based off the above three points, I’m just planning to write about topics that fit best within those guidelines, so mostly things related to my past experiences or things I want to clarify my thinking on and learn more about! So while my current posts have been mostly tech career growth focused, I could see myself posting about many things from book reviews, travel summaries, technical Android posts or things I may not have even thought of yet.

Writing this out definitely helped me better figure out what I want to do in this space and all in all, I think there’s benefits from these blog posts even if no one else reads them. I do hope however, this may inspire some of you to start writing more on your own as well!